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Copyright declaration:

Copyright can be acquired in two ways: automatically and by registration. In China, according to the copyright law, a work is automatically copyrighted when it is completed. The so-called completion is relatively speaking, as long as the object of creation has met the statutory conditions for the composition of the work, it can be protected as a work by the copyright law.

In theory, according to different nature, copyright can be divided into copyright and adjacent rights. To put it simply, copyright is for the person who created the original spiritual product, while the concept of adjacent rights is for the participants in the relevant industry who perform or assist in the dissemination of the carrier of the work, such as performers, producers of audio and video products, radio and television stations, publishing houses, etc.


The copyright application process is as follows:

1. The copyright applicant shall prepare the registration application, ID card, sample and other materials, fill in the work registration form, and pay the registration fee;

2, the registration authority to check the received materials and accept;

3, the registration authority to review. Finally, the registration authority shall issue a work registration certificate to those who meet the conditions.


Legal basis:

Article 9 of the Trial Measures for Voluntary Registration of Works

After a registered work has been verified by the work registration authority, the work registration authority shall issue a work registration certificate. The work registration certificate shall be made by the registration authority in accordance with the samples attached to these Measures. The verification period of the registration authority shall be one month, which shall be calculated from the date when the registration authority receives all the materials submitted by the applicant for registration.

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