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Trademark Search:

Trademark search generally refers to conducting search and retrieval at the China Trademark Office. Or entrust an agency to help you search for trademarks.

Trademark search, also known as trademark search, is a process in which an applicant or agent for trademark registration goes to the trademark office to inquire if the trademark being applied for registration is identical or similar to a prior right trademark, in order to understand whether the trademark they are preparing to apply for registration is mixed with a trademark already registered by others.

 Trademark Application:

Trademark application is the process by which a natural person or corporate entity obtains exclusive rights to a trademark. The applicant needs to submit a trademark application request to the State Trademark Administration, and can only issue a trademark registration certificate after formal and substantive examination.

Trademarks can be divided into written trademarks, graphic trademarks, sound trademarks, three-dimensional trademarks, etc.

 Trademark Review:

Trademark review refers to the right of the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board to hear cases of trademark registration review, trademark opposition review, and trademark revocation review in accordance with Article 28 of the Implementation Regulations of the Trademark Law. Trademark review is a statutory procedure in which the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board re examines a request for review made by a party who is dissatisfied with the decision made by the Trademark Office regarding trademark related matters.

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