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Patent Search:

Patent search is a specific channel and method for searching patent specifications. This includes utilizing various commonly used patent search tools and mastering commonly used search methods. Common search tools include various patent reference books, such as patent classification tables, patent abstracts, patent title bulletins, patent owner indexes, patent bulletins, etc. from various countries. Searching for patents can be done by patent classification or by inventor. The steps of searching by patent classification are: search for patent names and translate them into different languages; Find the patent classification number in alphabetical order; Use a classification table to check or further find the classification number of the topic; Search for patent numbers by category number; Search for patent specification abstract by patent number. The step of searching by inventor name is to verify the name of the patentee or its affiliated company through the patentee index, and to verify the name of the patent itself; Search for patent specification abstract by patent number.

Patent Application:

Patent application is a necessary procedure for obtaining patent rights. The acquisition of patent rights requires the applicant to submit an application to the national patent office, which approves and issues a certificate. When submitting a patent application to the national patent office, the applicant should also submit a series of application documents, such as a request, specification, abstract, and claims. In terms of patent application, the provisions of patent laws in various countries around the world are relatively consistent, but there are also many differences.A patent application is a request made by an inventor, designer, or other entity with application rights to the patent office to obtain patent rights for a certain invention or design. According to the Chinese Patent Law, patent applications should submit an application form, specification, claims, abstract, drawings, and priority request to the Patent Office. The accompanying drawings and priority requests are not necessarily necessary for each application, but they are beneficial for patent applications. In a patent application, the application form should be in writing, mainly stating the following content: the request to grant the patent, the name of the invention or design, the name and identity of the applicant, the name and identity of the agent, and the signature.

Patent Reexamination:

A remedy provided to the applicant when a patent application is rejected

Patent application rejected → Patent application reexamination submitted (within 3 months) Formal examination Pre examination of patent reexamination Examination by the Patent Reexamination Board Maintenance of rejection decision or revocation of rejection decision Rejection of objection to judicial remedies procedure

The patent review procedure is a remedy provided to the applicant when a patent application is rejected. According to Article 41 of the Patent Law, the Patent Reexamination Board shall accept and examine the request for reexamination, and make a decision. Reexamination request cases include cases where a patent application is requested for reexamination due to dissatisfaction with the decision to reject the patent application in the preliminary examination and substantive examination procedures. Only patent applicants have the right to start the patent reexamination procedure, and must submit it to the Patent Reexamination Board of the China National Intellectual Property Administration within 3 months after receiving the notice of rejection.

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