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EAPO approaches to patenting AI inventions
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The conference on artificial intelligence for business AI IN 2023 was held in Innopolis, Russian Federation. Over 1,500 examiners and participants from 34 countries discussed the development of the technology, its implementation in everyday life and the further evolution of the industry. Valentin Panko, Principal Examiner of the Mechanics, Physics and Electrical Engineering Division, Examination Department of the Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO), delivered a speech at the expert discussion "AI technologies: how to protect and commercialize".

The EAPO examiner described the main advantages of the Eurasian patent system, which allows for legal protection on the territory of eight states, outlined the main approaches to the substantive examination of applications, and provided details on the examination of Eurasian patent applications for inventions using AI technologies.

In particular, he emphasized that the files of such applications should "clearly stipulate a causal link between phenomena, events or processes arising from the use of AI", achieving a technical result. The statistical link should be proved by experimental data and an indication of the features of the statistical model and the features of the data used for its training that ensure the implementation of the invention and the achievement of the claimed technical result.

Evgenia Dmitrieva, President of the Union for Support and Development of Technological Companies, Mikhail Salnikov, Head of the Physics and Applied Mechanics Department of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIPS), Alexey Lebedev, Senior Examiner of the Intellectual Property Center "Gazpromneft Expert Solutions", Alexey Sokolov, Director of the Department for Interaction with Government Authorities, Lawmaking and Regulatory Policy of the Russian Center for the Turnover of Rights to the Results of Creative Activity and other experts took part in the discussions.

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